Sep 18, 2019
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Why Should I Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over At-Home Remedies?


t seems like every toothpaste and mouthwash you can buy claims to whiten your teeth. While these options do have the capability of whitening your teeth to some degree, more often than not consumers are left with something to desire from their whitening choices. This leads them to purchase in-store whitening remedies that can cost a substantial chunk of change and still not provide them with the results they want. So what gives?

The low efficacy of in-store products leads many people to choose professional whitening to brighten their smiles. But getting the best results possible isn’t the only reason people choose profession teeth whitening over an in-store treatment. Curious for more? The leaders in teeth whitening, Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics, are here to break down the 5 biggest reasons you should choose professional whitening to brighten your smile.

Faster Results

Get the Results You Want Faster with Professional Whitening from Rosslyn Farms

Teeth Whitening

If you’re whitening for an important upcoming event - a wedding, graduation, or important business meeting - you often need your results fast. In-store remedies often require repetitive treatment, extensive cleaning of your trays, and still don’t reach the same high-quality results as professional whitening. Over the course of 1-3 months, you likely still don’t see the kind of results you would with a single trip to a dentist for professional whitening.

In just a single visit, your dentist can get you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re thinking about bleaching or just teeth whitening, Rosslyn Farms can help you find the time in your busy schedule to get started on whitening and brightening your smile. No wait times, no cleaning your trays after each treatment, no walking around your house waiting for your whitening to be complete. With just one trip to the office, you’ll be set for anywhere from 12-18 months or more with a beautiful, brilliant smile.

Personalized Treatment

When It Comes to Teeth Whitening, Rosslyn Farms Gets You the Results You Want

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In-store whitening treatments promise you results, but you never know what your results are going to look like at the end; ‘three shades whiter’ is hard to envision, after all. Teeth whitening is not ‘one size fits all’ and having knowledge of your dental history will help your dentist choose the right whitening for you. Additionally, when you choose professional whitening services, your dentist will work with you to define your aesthetic goals and pick the shade of white that is right for your budget. From there, your dentist will find the type of whitening that will help you achieve the shade of white you want.

Longer-Lasting Results

Professional Whitening Yield Longer-Lasting Results Than Store-Bought Whitening

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The most frustrating thing about in-store whitening solutions is the fact that after a few days or weeks, it seems like your teeth are back to the same shade they were before. The at-home brands do this on purpose! If they make a really good whitening product, they won’t sell as much product because people will need to whiten their teeth less frequently. It’s this poor business model that leads them to create lack-luster whitening treatments.

For professional teeth whitening, Rosslyn Farms Dental pulls out all the stops to ensure you have long-lasting results. While professional whitening can seem like quite an investment, it aligns with the amount some people spend trying to keep their teeth white with at-home treatments. Professional whitening can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on lifestyle habits and the patient, making it the best way to get long-lasting results.

Less Irritation

For More Comfortable Teeth Whitening, Rosslyn Farms Has You Covered

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Anyone who has whitened their teeth with an at-home remedy knows that you’d like to experience a high level of sensitivity in your gums and lips afterward. This is because teeth whitening often involves harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the sensitive tissues in your body. While these chemicals are safe enough when used correctly, it can be nearly impossible to ensure completely safe treatment and avoid irritation on your own.

Professional whitening is done with the safest chemicals possible and is applied by a professional, meaning you’re less likely to bump your lips and gums with the chemicals and cause the irritation. Keeping your body from coming into contact with these dangerous chemicals is undoubtedly the superior choice for your oral health.

Brighter Overall Smile

Better Results with Teeth Whitening from Rosslyn Farms

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Aside from the other reasons to choose professional teeth whitening, Rosslyn Farms works hard to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. As mentioned, brands that create at-home remedies benefit from giving you lack-luster results. A dentist works hard to keep you as their patient, which is why they do what they can to give you the most white, bright, and beautiful smile possible.

Ready to get your teeth the whitest and brightest you can? Get in touch with Rosslyn Farms Dental today to learn how we can take your smile to the next level.

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