Jun 5, 2020
Facial Aesthetics

What Makes the Perfect Smile?


any people nowadays are constantly on the lookout for ways to achieve a shining, perfect smile. After all, a bright smile is critical for making a good impression. But what exactly constitutes the “perfect smile?” Does a standard even exist? 

Experts in dental aesthetics tend to follow a variety of key smile design principles when consulting with clients looking to improve their look. In our latest article, Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics is here to break down the anatomy of a perfect smile and how a patient can achieve one. 

Classic Principles of Dental Aesthetics

Dentists Follow a Set of Smile Design Principles When Creating a Treatment Plan for Patients

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When forming a treatment plan for a smile makeover, specialists in dental aesthetics will often follow a set of smile design principles. These principles help the dentist evaluate the overall look of their patient’s smile and determine where improvements can be made. 

  • Facial Aesthetics: Dentists will often examine the unique facial features of a patient, such as the manner in which their lips frame their teeth when they talk or whether any wrinkles surround their mouth area. 
  • Gum Aesthetics: Gum health also plays an important role in the appearance of a person’s smile. Discolored or inflamed gums are common smile insecurities among dental patients. 
  • Microaesthetics: Dental aesthetics specialists must also look at the subtle characteristics that influence the appearance of a smile. Marks or discolorations found on the surface of teeth often lead patients to seek out treatment to correct these smile insecurities. 
  • Macroaesthetics: The overall relationship between a patient’s front teeth and their surrounding facial characteristics is also examined. This ensures that their treatment plan is tailored toward creating a beautiful, natural smile for their patient. After a patient undergoes a complete smile makeover, their facial and dental aesthetics should successfully complement each other. 

The Anatomy of a Perfect Smile

Dental Aesthetics Experts Rosslyn Farms Review the Key Components of the Perfect Smile 

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Building the perfect smile requires the ability to apply certain rules and strategies when assessing a patient’s current mouth and teeth conditions. During this evaluation, the dentist will examine the patient’s lips, midline, smile line, and teeth. 

  • Lips: The lips are often considered as the frame of a person’s smile. Enhancing the shape of a patient’s lips can make the overall impression of your smile appear fuller. To achieve the perfect look, specialists tend to correct the shape of a person’s lips so that their upper front teeth make up 75 to 100% of the space between their lips when smiling. 
  • Facial Midline: In a perfect smile, the invisible vertical line drawn between a person’s two upper front teeth should align with their facial midline. 
  • Smile Line: The standard for the perfect smile also includes having a parallel smile line. The smile line is formed by the top of a person’s lower lip. This line should be parallel to the edges of a person’s upper teeth. 
  • Teeth: In general, perfect smiles have teeth that are white, unstained, straight, and evenly-spaced. 

Dental Aesthetics Procedure for Building the Perfect Smile

Patients Have a Variety of Treatment Options for Correcting Their Smile Insecurities

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Whether you want to straighten your teeth, fix the color of their surface, or improve the look of your lips, you have a variety of treatment options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular smile treatments and their results. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

For patients who want to straighten their teeth — but not go through the stress of wearing conventional braces — Invisalign is a popular treatment option to consider. These clear aligners are barely noticeable and tend to be more comfortable than traditional braces. Patients can also remove them whenever they need to eat or drink. As the patient’s teeth continue to straighten, they will receive new Invisalign trays until they are finished with treatment. Patients may wear a retainer after their treatment is over. 

Patients who want a whiter smile can undergo a teeth whitening procedure or receive veneers. Teeth whitening removes stains found on enamel surfaces caused by aging, food, drinks, and chemicals. Many patients select this procedure for its long-lasting results, which can last for several years. Others may find that veneers are a better fit for them. Veneers are thin, custom-built shells that cover the front side of a patient’s teeth. Not only can they correct stained teeth, but they can also improve the appearance of chipped or crooked teeth. This process is usually irreversible, as it requires the dentist to remove a small amount of enamel from your tooth in order to fit a shell over it. 

For patients who want to tackle a wide variety of smile imperfections, many dental practices also offer smile makeovers. These makeovers are designed to correct smile imperfections such as overcrowded, broken, and damaged teeth. 

Facial Aesthetics

In addition to correcting smile imperfections relating to their teeth, some patients also seek to address insecurities in their lips. Lip injections are a popular method for treating thin and asymmetrical lips. These non-invasive, FDA-approved injections use a dermal filler to add fullness and softness to the lips. 

Have you always wanted to achieve the smile of your dreams? Our dental aesthetics specialists are here to fix your smile insecurities with an elaborately crafted smile makeover. Contact Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics to schedule a consultation now.

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