Oct 12, 2020
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The Connection Between Dental Aesthetics and Oral Health


ost people don’t see much of a connection between dental aesthetics and oral health, however they are incredibly interwoven within each other, as dental aesthetics are a huge driving factor with your oral health. Your oral health also determines some of your dental aesthetics, too. Here at Rosslyn Farms Dental, we’ve created this guide for others to understand how the two are deeply connected and how dental cosmetic procedures can overall improve your dental health.

Improved Bite Pattern Causes Less Damage to Teeth

Your New Smile from Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics Can Help Protect Teeth 

Upclose of woman with lipstick biting a grape

With dental aesthetic procedures such as veneers, they’re actually changing the shape of your teeth and adding onto them. When these procedures are done, they’re changing the way that you bite down, chew your food, and even rest your teeth in your mouth. A shocking 20% of the world’s population are unable to chew correctly due to crooked teeth, so it’s quite possible that you may not be biting right if you haven’t had a procedure done. When your smile is improved through changing tooth shape and you’re biting in a more natural and healthy way, you’re less likely to damage your teeth while eating.

Dental Aesthetics Can Inspire Habit Changes

Feeling Confident About Your New Teeth? You’re More Likely to Keep Them Cleaner

Closeup of girl brushing her teeth

In a non-dental context, if you just got a new car, you’re incredibly careful when you drive and take really good care of said car. The same thing typically happens when people get cosmetic dental procedures. You’re much more likely to create better habits when it comes to oral hygiene, which will in turn make your oral health significantly improve. Making the conscious effort to keep your smile looking beautiful after paying for a procedure will help your oral health for years to come.

Fixing Dental Aesthetics Also Cleans Your Teeth in the Process

Getting a Free Cleaning With Your Procedure

Closeup of person putting on Invisalign

A great part about getting a procedure done to enhance your dental aesthetics is that your teeth are getting cleaned in the process—the foundation to bettering your oral health. For example, before putting braces on your teeth, they will thoroughly clean your teeth to ensure a smooth procedure. Clean teeth are happy teeth, so even just getting a cleaning before getting a cosmetic procedure done can greatly improve your oral health.

Fixing Aesthetic Issues Can Help Ease Pain

Getting Rid of Toothaches Through Cosmetic Procedures

When your teeth are out of line, this can cause toothaches that sometimes manifest in the form of headaches. These can also be treated with simple dental procedures, but sometimes they’re hard to detect and can be fixed instead through a select type of cosmetic dentistry. This way, you’re getting rid of the tooth pain while also improving your dental aesthetics at the same time. Sometimes, people may not know the cause of their headaches until they are fixed from a cosmetic dental procedure. 

Overall, there is a direct correlation between dental aesthetics and oral health. By getting these procedures done, you’re not only improving your body image and confidence, but you’re also helping your oral health. Thinking about finally getting that cosmetic dental procedure done that you’ve been thinking about? Contact Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics to schedule a consultation appointment.

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