Apr 15, 2020
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Living Cavity Free: 7 Dietary Choices to Keep in Mind


e all know the importance of practicing good dental hygiene. Without it, we’re all at risk for cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal issues. These issues, when left untreated, can lead to serious issues that stem beyond your oral health and can affect other parts of your body.

Luckily, contemporary dental medicine and technologies made it easy to stay on top of your oral health. Rosslyn Farms Dental—a leading dentist in Carnegie—is here to break down the best and worst foods to keep in mind if you’re looking to prevent cavities, as well as some oral health tips to help keep your mouth clean. With these tips, you’re one step closer to maintaining a healthy mouth for life.

The Best Foods for Preventing Cavities

The Leading Dentist in Carnegie Recommends Reaching for these Snacks

Dentist Carnegie

Much like reaching for the right foods to maintain a healthy body weight, you can make smart decisions for your oral health. Which choices are best for your oral health? The leading dentist in Carnegie recommends reaching for these items:

Fruits & Veggies that are Rich in Fiber

Foods that are high in fiber do a number of things to improve your oral health. These foods not only help get saliva—which washes away cavity-causing particles like an all-natural mouthwash—flowing, but fibrous foods aid in keeping your teeth and gums clean. These are two important steps in protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of acids, enzymes, and bacteria.

Dairy Products

Cheese, milk, and yogurt are great sources of calcium that can help promote strong and healthy bones and teeth. Additionally, dairy helps neutralize the acidity found in a number of other food, preventing the harmful effects of sugar and acidic foods on your teeth. For this reason, it’s a good idea to choose to finish a highly-acidic snack with a piece of cheese or serving of yogurt to protect your tooth enamel.

Green & Black Teas

Both green and black teas contain polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds that kill the bacteria that cause plaque, keeping them from creating the acids that lead to teeth decay. As an added bonus, using certain types of water to make your tea can add fluoride into the concoction to keep your smile healthy and strong.

Sugarfree Gum

As mentioned, one of the best things to reach for to prevent cavities (other than a toothbrush and toothpaste, that is) is sugarfree gum. Chewing gum helps increase salivation to rinse away particles and sugars that can stick to your teeth, acting as a rinse after meals or sugary beverages.

Foods to Avoid for Your Oral Health

The Leading Dentist in Carnegie Warns to Enjoy these Foods in Moderation

Foods to avoid

There are a number of foods that you can reach for in order to keep your mouth healthy. Likewise, many foods can be harmful to your oral health if not accompanied by proper oral health practices. While it’s ok the enjoy everything in moderation, the leading dentist in Carnegie recommends being cautious of these foods that can be harmful to your oral health.

Sticky Candies & Sweets

We all know that sugar is a leading cause of cavities because it aids in the rapid production of acid that can wear down your enamel. However, some evidence suggests that certain sweets may be better for your oral health than others. Some studies suggest that dark chocolate has health benefits that can aid in your overall health, in addition to the fact that chocolate is less likely to stick to your teeth than other candies. In other words, reach for chocolate instead of lollipops or caramels to appease your sweet tooth.

Starchy Foods

We’ve all dealt with the discomfort that stems from starchy foods getting stuck on and in between our teeth. Whether it’s bread, crackers, or potato chips, these starchy foods contain bacteria that can begin to attack your teeth. To keep your teeth healthy, be sure to brush and floss after itching starchy foods — or at the very least, give your mouth a good rinse with water.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Much like sticky candies, carbonated soft drinks like soda and pop are loaded with sugars and acids that can be detrimental to your oral health. Additionally, long-term consumption of these beverages can lead to diabetes, which also can lead to serious oral health issues if not carefully monitored. We recommend keeping carbonated soft drinks to a bare minimum and reaching for flavored seltzers or water to satisfy your thirst.

Let’s work together to begin making smarter choices for your oral health. If you’re looking to get in touch with the team responsible for healthy smiles in the Carnegie area, get in touch with Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics.

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