Sep 30, 2020
Children's Dentistry

Can Kids Get Invisalign? Pittsburgh Dentist Reveals Her Insights


s your kids are growing, you may start to notice that their teeth are coming in strangely and it’s affecting their dental aesthetics. This may be something that you as a parent want to correct early, as it’s easier to fix when children are younger. The short answer is yes, children can get Invisalign, however there are many considerations and options that you need to think about. Need more information about children’s Invisalign? Pittsburgh Dentist Rosslyn Farms Dental created this informational blog about Invisalign for children to get your child’s teeth in order earlier in their lives.

What is Invisalign? Pittsburgh Dentist Breaks it Down

What All the Hype on Clear Aligners is About

Multiple Invisalign sets

Invisalign is a popular clear alternative to traditional braces to straighten your teeth. These are incredibly popular due to the removability, less pain, and “invisible” nature of the product. They allow patients to eat whatever they want, unlike traditional metal braces and are able to be taken off during meal time and throughout the day. Here at Rosslyn Farms Dental, we offer Invisalign services for a variety of patients with the similar goal of straightening their teeth. Invisalign isn’t just for adults, though, as we provide services for children as well.

The Pros of Invisalign for Kids

Allowing For Easy Cleaning and Eating

Child having teeth cleaned

Every parent knows how difficult it can be to get your children to keep their dental hygiene up to par. Braces can be difficult to clean due to their rigid nature, however Invisalign allows for an easy cleaning process due to their removability and are far less painful for your children. Also, for children who may be apprehensive due to the commitment, the timeline is as little as 6 months for completed results, with Invisalign also finding that their products work fast with children. These are a few of the many positives to getting Invisalign for your child before they’re older and it’s more difficult for them to fix their teeth.

How Old Should My Child Be?

Determining the Best Age to Get Invisalign

Smiling child wearing safety glasses

It’s easier to fix teeth and less painful the younger a child is—but how young is too young? There’s no definite answer, as every child is different and it goes on a case by case basis. However, children can start their Invisalign journeys fairly early, as Invisalign First is designed for children ages 6-10 with a mix of baby and adult teeth. Something to keep in mind with children and Invisalign treatments is that they tend to work better with children, so it’s best to do it while they’re younger. You know your child best, so talking with an Invisalign professional to see what works best for your child is a great way to determine your next move.

Other Considerations

If you’ve decided to get your child Invisalign, Pittsburgh has the right dentists

Child getting dental exam

Other considerations that you should think about are costs and habit changes that come with Invisalign for your children. Here at Rosslyn Farms Dental, we provide quality dental services for a low cost, including Invisalign treatments. There are also many habit changes that your child may have to make when having Invisalign, such as less snacking and sugary beverages and having to be cognisant that your teeth are brushed twice a day everyday. There are pros and cons for Invisalign for your child, so determining what’s best for them is up to you.

While Invisalign is a newer alternative to traditional braces, they are great for all ages and a variety of different dental cases. They allow significantly more freedom than traditional alternatives and are great for children who need fast results. Contact Rosslyn Farms Dental to schedule your child’s consultation appointment to see if Invisalign is the best fit for them.

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