May 16, 2020
Family Dentistry

5 Things to Expect During Your First Appointment at Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics


re you on the hunt for a new dental care provider? Whether you have just moved to the Pittsburgh area or your current provider doesn’t offer the dental services you want, you need to find a dental aesthetics clinic that fits your needs ASAP. When looking for a new dental clinic, you need to consider a variety of factors. Questions regarding insurance coverage, office hours, expenses, and the individual approach the dentist takes should be asked when researching different clinics. 

Are you looking into scheduling an appointment at Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics? Here’s what you can expect during your first visit. 

Sit Back and Relax Inside Our Comforting Environment

Visits to the Dentist Don’t Have to be Painful and Stress-Inducing

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Going to the dentist can be nerve-wracking, even a little frightening. Maybe you feel nervous about meeting your new dentist. Or you are worried about what your dentist may find. 

Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics understands these worries. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for all patients, both old and new. 

Our experienced staff of dentists and dental hygienists have trained in various aspects of patient care and bedside manners. Dr. Zotis — the founder of Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics — also works hard to combine her years of dental experience and education to create a warm and comfortable environment for all of her patients. 

Choose From a Wide Variety of Dental Aesthetics Services

Services Include Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Dental Aesthetics

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Whether you just want a quick check-up or you want to fix those smile imperfections that have been bothering you for a while, Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics has your back. 

Family Dentistry

Family members of all ages can receive treatments at Rosslyn Farms. Our comprehensive set of offerings include:

  • Checkups and Cleaning
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Fillings
  • Dentures and Partials
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Dental Implants
  • Pediatric Dentistry

Some of these treatments, such as dentures or pediatric dentistry, are age-specific. Nonetheless, each of these procedures is critical for maintaining dental health and preventing serious problems down the road. Don’t be afraid to inquire about any of these procedures during your upcoming appointment. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to give your smile a little makeover? Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics offers cosmetic dentistry services to whiten and straighten teeth, helping you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Veneers

Comprehensive smile makeovers are also available. These overhauls typically include whitening, veneers, tooth shaping, and more to fix crooked, stained, or uneven teeth. 

Dental Aesthetics

Patients with insecurities revolving around premature wrinkles or unwanted fat can also schedule appointments for dental aesthetics and procedures. Our comprehensive lists of services include: 

Patients may choose to undergo one or multiple procedures to create their ideal dental aesthetic and smile. Together, you and Dr. Zotis can come up with a treatment plan that best fits your goals and budget. 

Expert Services and Treatment for Dental Aesthetics

Rosslyn Farms Offers Years of Dental Experience and Education to Patients

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For years, Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics has served as the premier dental care provider for families in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Lead by Dr. Zotis, a graduate of the Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry, Rosslyn Farms delivers the most up-to-date treatments to patients. Along with general family dentistry, Dr. Zotis specializes in Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry.

While Dr. Zotis has long since graduated from dental school, she understands that dental medicine requires continuous learning and education updates. That’s why she consistently searches for new methods to update her dental practices and further her education. Along with her dental school credentials, Dr. Zotis is a member of the American Dental Association and the Pittsburgh Academy of Dentistry. 

Arrange Your Next Appointment With Ease 

Scheduling Your Next Dental Appointment Has Never Been Easier

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The days of having to wait an endless amount of time to schedule appointments are finally gone. New patients can schedule their first appointments at Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics either online or over the phone in minutes. Users simply fill in their contact information and submit the request form located conveniently on our website. Rosslyn Farms then returns the appointment submission in a timely manner. 

Take a Quick Drive to its Convenient Location

Families From Around the Area Rely on Rosslyn Farms for Their Dental Aesthetics

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Since 2017, Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics has provided top-tier dental care to residents of the Rosslyn Farms and the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Many patients come from other nearby areas including:

  • Robinson
  • Crafton
  • Carnegie
  • Greentree
  • Collier

Whether they need to schedule a quick appointment before work or a routine checkup after school, patients can arrange a visit that caters to their unique schedule. 

Ready to schedule your first appointment? Contact Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics today for a consultation on our dental aesthetics and services.

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