Apr 27, 2020
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4 Ideas for Making Kids Feel Comfortable at the Dentist


he first time you do anything can be a little nerve-wracking—driving a car, filing your taxes, dyeing your hair, or visiting a therapist. Even as adults, we can remember how stressful these activities were at first that now seem like second nature.

What we often forget, though, is how scary these new things can seem when we’re young. Having someone dig around in your mouth with sharp, shiny instruments for the first time is no walk in the park, which is why Rosslyn Farms Dental — the leading dentist in Greentree — is here to provide you with tips for making your little ones feel comfortable as possible at the dentist. With these 4 tips, your child can begin to grow a healthy relationship with visiting the dentist.

Create a Dental Hygiene Chart

Have Your Child Showcase Progress for their Dentist in Greentree

child boy brushing teeth

If you’re looking to make your visit with a dentist in Greentree as smooth as possible, consider looking for a way to make your child excited about dental hygiene as earth as possible. Children enjoy and can be motivated by the smallest rewards, which is why we recommend creating a dental hygiene chart for your child. On this chart, give your child a star or sticker for taking care of his or her teeth each day. When you visit the dentist, bring the cart in, and allow your child to showcase their progress. Not only does this make your child excited to share something fun with the dentist and develop a relationship, but helps promote long-term accountability for their oral health.

Arrive at Your Appointment Early

Allow Your Child Ample Time to Adjust to the Environment

babies children at the doctors

Being in an unfamiliar environment can make a lot of kids feel out of their element. Giving your child enough time to feel comfortable before heading back into the dentists’ chair is key to starting your appointment off on the right foot. In addition to arriving at least 15 minutes early so that your child can relax, most offices will have toys and books available in the waiting room to ease your child’s mind. If you’re unsure if this is available, consider bringing a book or toy to play with in the waiting room while you prepare for your appointment.

Stay Nearby

Extend Support to Your Child as they Visit a Dentist in Greentree

toddler dentist check greentree

No matter how calm your child is in the waiting room the second your child gets called back to see the dentist they could potentially feel nervous again.  Luckily, most dentists are open to parents coming back into the exam room with your child. Depending on the type of appointment, your child may be able to sit in your lap or hold your hand during an examination or procedure. 

It’s most important to remind your child that you are there to comfort them and are not upset that they are scared or anxious. An understanding approach can help ease your child’s mind and make the visit faster, and easier for everyone involved.

Find a Reward for Good Dental Visits

Promising a Fun Activity or Treat Can Lead to a Smooth Visit

girl smiling ice cream

As parents, we know how effective a reward can be at making our children cooperate and behave well. Whether you have a go-to treat — a popsicle after dinner, a trip to the playground, or an extra hour of TV time — or need a fun idea for your child in the area, these positive reinforcements can help reward your children for good behavior. Additionally, they act as a great reminder that even if the appointment is stressful at the moment, they can think about the fun treat that awaits them on the other side. 

Visiting a dentist in Greentree can seem like a difficult experience. However, with these tips & the years of experience that Rosslyn Farms Dental Aesthetics brings to the table, we can work together to make the dentist fun and exciting for your child. To schedule a visit, get in touch with our team using our online form now.

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