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Digital X-Rays

Rossyln Farms provides comfortable preventative care by using cutting-edge digital x-ray technology.

digital x rays with Rosslyn Farms

How does digital x-ray work?

A small sensor is placed into the patient’s mouth. The sensor creates digital images of the patient’s mouth which are then projected onto a nearby computer screen. This instant imaging takes only a fraction of the time of a traditional x-ray and provides the doctor and patient with more tangible imagery than ever before. From there, the doctor and patients work together to make a treatment plan based on the digital x-rays. The images are then stored on a computer at Sixth Street Dental for easy future retrieval.


  • Rapid Imaging: Images are taken quickly and can be viewed immediately
  • High Quality: High image resolution allows us to detect decay and disease in their earliest stages
  • Simple Storage: Electronic storage of images allows for easy retrieval for insurance and medical reasons
  • Chemical Free: Digital x-rays remove all caustic chemicals needed for developing traditional x-ray film
  • Reduced Radiation: 75% less exposure to radiation than traditional x-rays
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